Ricardo Bennett-Guzmán is an experimental media artist, photographer, and filmmaker. Born and raised in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; he arrived in Minneapolis/Saint Paul in 2011. He has been exploring different topics within the humanities that can contribute to his practice and enhance the complexity of human experience. Ricardo has an intricate interest for the complexity of the human condition, which make great case studies for his practice. His work explores the challenges that we confront as we move towards new paradigms that can help the human creativity to flourish, question and challenge the political, cultural, and economic dimensions of globalization.

Questions about human rights, movement, the body, space, and identity dominate Ricardo’s work. But Ricardo is not exceptional because of the volume of the work – it’s the quality, the fact that his work is smart and probing, beautiful and demanding, subtle but with political or social purpose.  As Ricardo discusses in his personal statement, his artistic and personal commitment to social justice is clearly born of his life in Juarez, Mexico, where he was witness to a system of extreme violence, corruption, and a disregard for the value of human life.  This personal history is what drives his work.  But his success is equally attributable to his natural and deep creativity, which spans media, form, and genre (he is a choreographer of dance and movement, a composer of music, as well as a maker of photographs, digital art, film, and installation art).  Approaching one of Ricardo’s pieces, it’s impossible to say whether the guiding principle of the work is political or aesthetic, the two being so integrated in Ricardo’s vision and perspective.


2019 Silence: Breaking the Social Thread Art Installation and Photography Exhibition, FLACSO, Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2018 Memories of Saint Lawrence: The Other Within The Other. Transborder Biennial, El Paso/Juarez Art Biennial.

2018 “Another Country” Exhibition Alice R. Rogers Gallery & Target Gallery, Saint Johns University.

2017 Bueys Fur Alle, The Journey Exhibition, Fresh Ayr Gallery, Ayr, Scotland.

2017 Infinite Time, MFA & Humanities exhibition, DJCAD, University of Dundee, Scotland

2017 Bahay, MFA & Humanities exhibition, DJCAD, University of Dundee, Scotland

2017 Home, MFA & Humanities exhibition, DJCAD, University of Dundee, Scotland

2016 Being In Place, Wasps Studios, Dundee, Scotland.

2016 Silence / Tejido Social, Regis West Gallery, MFA Exhibition

2016 Surrender, Northern Spark Festival, Minneapolis, MN

2016 Silence, Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Conference 2016, University Of Minnesota.

2015 Between A Distance, FLACSO, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2015 Between A Distance, CLA Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Conference 2015, University Of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

2014 Between A Distance, UMN Film Fest, Saint Anthony Main Theater, Minneapolis, MN

2012 Where Am I, Where Are You?, Site Specific Project, MCTC, Minneapolis, MN

2009 FICH Chihuahua International Festival, Chihuahua, Mexico

2008 Onoruame, Una Realidad Paralela (A Parallel Reality) Centro Cultural Paso Del Norte, Juarez City, Mexico.